Anonymous asked:

I was wondering about something regarding Lucy. Why do you think none of the Asian actors working on the movie told the writers 'dude, this is racist'?

thisisnotjapan answered:

Maybe because they need the paycheck.

Maybe because they want to be able to continue getting work in a racist environment that could readily blacklist them for complaining.

Maybe your privilege is showing if you think combatting racism in Hollywood is so fucking easy that you just go up to the writers, directors, or producers say “Hey this is racist” and things just magically get fixed without retaliation.

I mean fucking hell look at the backlash blogs like ours and others get for speaking out on racism, what makes you think Hollywood would be such a cakewalk?



I feel that the anon question comes from such a place of entitlement. Let’s not forget that since they actually filmed part of the movie in Taiwan, that probably a good amount of the Asian actors are Taiwanese people born and raised in Taiwan. That means they probably don’t know what it’s like to grow up or live in a mostly white country nor had the same type of encounters with racism as their counterparts in the diaspora (aka someone like me). Also, speaking from my personal experiences in calling people out on racism via the internet or in real life, normally people don’t listen or care about what I have to say. They just wanna look good and protect their image. Even if it’s ignorance, they rather stubbornly stay in their ignorance by not only conjuring up excuses as to why they thought it was okay, but also accusing me of being too easily offended and actually ignorant of what racism is. Oh right, like “dude, this is racist” will actually stop Hollywood from producing racist movies. Do you actually not think that nobody has ever done that before? Guess how it turned out? Even if they do speak up about it, they would pretend to not hear and if even if they do pretend to listen, they’d just tell them to go back to “their country” and even if they’re already in their own countries, they’re just told to suck it up and find another job if they hate it so much. I feel like most actors would if they could, you know, afford to but Asian actors probably don’t have that kind of luxury.

Sure, Asian actors will stop taking racist roles WHEN THERE ARE MORE NON-RACIST ROLES TO TAKE. And they can’t just “stop taking these roles” because you know what’s gonna happen? The white writers and casting directors aren’t gonna say “Wow, there aren’t anymore Asian actors. Maybe we should write better roles for them to be in!”. They’re gonna say “WELP TIME FOR MORE WHITE PEOPLE”.



It’s amazing the impact this second-long video made in my life